Why are we here?

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We’re here because of necessity and desire. The necessity was created but the desire was always there.

We are a mother and daughter that are like most women: we love our family and friends and struggle with the same things every other woman does: time, fixation with flaws, balancing work and life and trying to be everything to everyone. We are fortunate to have a very close relationship although we don’t always agree on everything (which is actually a good thing!). One thing we never argue about is the desire to do something meaningful in our professional lives.Why Clothing

We got the chance to do that out of necessity. When Lila (Mom) was suddenly laid off, she struggled to find another job. After months of searching and frustration, it occurred to both of us that we might be able to create a viable business by combining our love of clothing with the desire to give back. After lots of discussion and research, The Redeeming Closet was “born”.

From the beginning we’ve had 3 values that are extremely important to us: customer service, autonomy and the commitment to charity. Initially, experts advised us to eliminate the promise to donate 10% of purchase price to charity 100% of the time but we felt that the commitment was (and still is), too important. We also felt that investors would distract us from our original goals so we decided not to seek venture capital. At this point it’s been 3 years and although we are still very much a work in progress we are still independent and firmly believe we are on the right path.

We’re also still very dedicated to clothing. We think that every article of clothing has a story to tell and we want to elevate that by giving it a meaningful 2nd story. As we look to the future, our goal with this blog is to share things that matter to women like us: trends, helpful hints, happy things and everything we can discover about clothing. We hope that you like what you see and please let us know what you think!






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